Students have been using flashcards to practice arithmetic for years – now it’s even better. Students can write directly on the flashcards! Pinch the flashcard if you need more room to draw pictures or write out the problem – pinch it again to answer the problem.

The types of problems are customizable: pick the biggest number, smallest number, operations, and whether you see negatives and decimals. Flashcard training focuses on recall memory – the ability to retrieve information.

Math Defense

Aliens are attacking! Defend earth by choosing the correct answer. Math Defense focuses on recognition memory – the ability to recognize previously seen problems.

Math Sliders

Be Quick! You will be given a number to start with – then instructions that you have to follow will slide past. Each round the numbers will get bigger, they will slide past faster, and there will be more steps. One wrong answer and you have to start all over. Keep going to try to beat your best score!

Users and Statistics

Space Math keeps tracks of the stats of multiple students. Each student gets a report of how much time they have trained for and how many problems they have completed. Students can easily email their statistics so you can see what they have been working on.


This App Features SmarTots

SmarTots provides learning reports and mobile education app reviews that help parents understand what their children are learning. Signing up for SmarTots also gives parents access to fun activities that enhance the educational value of mobile education apps like this one. Click the Parent Button inside this app to get these great features.

SmarTots integration also includes online reporting of Achievements and Areas of Improvement: Get immediately notified when your child completes a challenge or when they are struggling.

For more information about this tool, please visit the SmarTots website.